Laetitia Vineyards and Winery

Date TBD

$75 per person

Chef Shorter III presents a carefully crafted 5 course meal, with wine pairings for each course chosen in coordination with sommelier Paul Marsh.
Laetitia has a colorful history going back to 1982 when French winery Champagne Maison Deutz first planted vineyards in the Arroyo Grande Valley six miles south of Pismo Beach. In 1997, Jean-Claude Tardivat purchased the vineyards, renaming the estate Laetitia after his daughter. One year later, the winery was sold again to a partnership that included Selim Zilkha. In 2001, Selim and his daughter, Nadia Wellisz, became the sole proprietors.

The estate vineyard comprises 1,888 acres, with 620 acres currently planted to grape vines, making it the largest privately owned Pinot Noir plantings in California. Pinot Noir is the most widely planted variety (434 acres), followed by Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Tempranillo, Syrah, Pinot Gris, and a small amount of Riesling. The Laetitia label focuses on Pinot Noir.

Winemaker Dave Hickey, started at the vineyard when it was still Maison Deutz in 1990. He now oversees the sparkling wine production and his son, Eric Hickey oversees production of Laetitia’s still wines.